When words, images and sounds beat together: Sephora ‘Where Beauty Beats’

You can’t have missed the ‘Where Beauty Beats’ advertising campaign from cosmetic giant Sephora, developed by Parisian PR agency BETC under the creative direction of Florence Bellisson (BETC behance).

Sephora dazzled us all with six different creations, female stars depicted in a play of graphics that break up and overlap to create a beating image that recalls a heartbeat, underlining the international tagline “Where Beauty Beats”.

The video emphasises the beat of the images and the soundtrack pulls us into a vibrating vortex.

The success of the campaign is down to a clever mix of elements. It was campaign copywriter Gabriele Attia who spotted the effective alliteration whereby the sound of the slogan connects directly to the campaign theme: a heartbeat. This effect is simply created by the pronunciation of the series of regular sounds/movements that are brusquely interrupted when we stop the flow of air between our lips to form the ‘B’ sound.

It was 2013, which is a lifetime ago in advertising terms. But while time has passed, ‘Where Beauty Beats’ has remained a fundamental campaign for Sephora, so much so that the brand continues to use the concept both locally and globally.

If we had to pick one example? Sephora Romania which celebrated its 15th anniversary with an advert that resonates with waves of colour and beats that will instantly put you in a good mood.

And if you’re wondering where the soundtrack is from, the music was created especially for the occasion. It is Where the Beauty Beats by MAEVA ALGAYON.


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