The Vamp brings back the sound of our beloved old speakers

As technology progresses at an astounding rate, it is often with some nostalgia that we gaze upon our former loves: those longed-for Technics 1200 decks, an enviable collection of vinyl, a top-of-the-range ghetto blaster or that hi-fi that we just couldn’t live without…

Just a few years ago they were cutting-edge products and now they are only used by true fans; in most cases they have been relegated to attics, cellars or even dumped.

But there are those committed to seeking alternative solutions. We want to introduce you to The Vamp® project  whose #SaveASpeaker campaign wants to ‘Bring back the sound!’

According to the data they have collected, 10,000 speakers end up in dumps or recycling plants every month in the UK alone. The #SaveASpeaker campaign is intended to rescue this musical heritage.

How? By transforming your old speakers into Bluetooth audio amplifiers. The initiative panders to our love for our old classic speakers, those beautiful objects that we’ve had forever. They are admittedly often rather bulky but all is forgiven in light of their sound quality and aesthetics.

Now The Vamp has found a way to give these objects a new lease of life. No longer chained to a hi-fi and relying on a constant power source, our old speakers can be used in all sorts of situations, with smartphones, tablets or computers, and still give the best quality sound.

This video explains the project:

THE VAMP in action! from Paul Cocksedge Studio on Vimeo.

Paul Cocksedge, Designer at The Vamp®, gives a quick explanation of what drew him to this venture:

“For me, reusing perfectly good technology makes sense. Hearing the rich sound coming out of these older speakers in a new way is a delight. They are a part of our music history.”


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