The Coca-Cola Christmas Track: countdown to the magic of Christmas

The countdown to the magic of Christmas has started

It’s almost Christmas, its getting cold and the festive lights are being turned on downtown. It’s that wonderful atmosphere that makes you want to stay at home in the evening.We have been thinking back to the magic of Christmas that would overwhelm us as kids: the holidays, the excitement and of course the Coca-Cola advert with its catchy jingle, which came round every year like clockwork to mark the beginning of the countdown to unwrapping presents.

This year heralds an important anniversary, the famous Coca-Cola Christmas Truck turns 20 years old. It appeared for the first time on televisions around the world in 1995 and has been increasingly elaborate in every Coca-Cola advert since.

The beloved Christmas Truck is so important that Coca-Cola UK has decided to organise a road show with stops all over England to celebrate the event. So if you find yourself near London, don’t miss this unusual spectacle.

The jingle that has always gone hand in hand with this famous American drink at Christmas time is called ‘Holidays are Coming’. In the early years of the millennium, a cover of the song called ‘Wonderful Dream’ by Melanie Thornton was adopted.
Melanie Thornton passed away shortly afterwards in an aeroplane accident at the age of 34, during a promotional tour for ‘Wonderful Dream’ in Europe.
The song went on to have enormous success and was a permanent fixture in the European charts year after year.
Melanie Thornton was at the beginning of her career as a solo performer but she was already known to the public thanks to her role as vocalist in dance group La Bouche who were famous in the Nineties for the dance tracks ‘Sweet Dreams’ and ‘Wanna Be My Lover’.