Music in Store

The associative links we make between a melody and an advert change our mental approach to the brand

A day of hard shopping, in Milan’s fashion district perhaps, looking for a new dress or a new accessory. You wander among the aisles, feeling quite relaxed you head to the changing room and it is only then that you realise you are nodding along to the music. You smile a little foolishly and hope nobody had noticed, while thinking what a pleasant shop this must be for you to have spent an hour inside without even realising.

It is a fact that well-chosen music, appropriate to the reference target, can increase the time spent in a shop by clients and therefore their propensity to spend. Thinking along strategic lines, the right soundtrack will also install a positive memory of the brand itself.

Excelsior Milano

There is extensive research into this phenomenon but, of all of them, we must cite Enrico Nonino, sensorial marketing expert, who explains the importance of the in-store auditory/musical experience in his book ‘Experiential Marketing: the Sound Experience.’

“Why does a brand need sound? Music stimulates a universe of memories in the individual, it is connected to our unconscious sphere and reaches places that stimuli from the other senses cannot. The associative links we make between a melody and an advert change our mental approach to the brand and this is the experiential approach.
The sales point is the primary place of involvement between the client and the brand. Through social factors, such as the staff, other customers, and immediately perceivable factors such as aesthetics or functional appearance, cleanliness, smell, noise and the quality of the air even, the client experiences the product more directly. The emotional response of the consumer is the result of their perception of the service and environment. Competition is tough nowadays and it is vital to know how to guide the purchasing experience through environmental control.
So sound, as well as sight, takes on a huge role in our approach to the reality around us.
Making the most of the evocative and emotional power of music allows clients to totally immerse themselves in the values of the brand and this is reflected in the time they spend in the shop, influencing not only purchasing power but above all, customer satisfaction.”

This is a real discipline with no room for improvisation. The choice of the ‘musical flow’ is never random: repetitive arrangements, notes, volumes and frequencies are all the result of a sound strategy designed to have a positive effect on the client’s mood.
The architecture of the sound offers a positive connotation of the location and a precise personality that becomes an integral part of the brand, making it more recognisable. Unfortunately there is a downside,  how often have you had to flee from a shop because of a song you couldn’t stand or unbearable volumes? Perhaps now you realise that auditory marketing is more present in your life than you had realised.