July 2016

MoMA sounds like Nan Goldin’s “Ballad of Sexual Dependency”
YAR: the € 250,000 audio system made by a start-up in Turin
TBT 07.07.07 “Live Earth: the Concerts for a Climate in Crisis”
With Bullfrog, Romano Brida built a new life for himself around his passions…music had to be a part of it!
Iggy Pop unveils “American Valhalla” Video… full of history

June 2016

– Sound Identity interviews Sebastiano Leddi, is it all about clubbing and PR?
– Aurora Sonora, a stroll around the city soundscape
– June 2002, even in death Elvis topped charts
– A conversation with Nicolò Cerioni, the music stylist
A new agreement between Dubset and Spotify, more mixes and remixes to stream
– The neverending story between Daft Punk and TV commercials
– Neuromarketing, customer experience and the sensory: the future of retail according to Maristella Feletto
– Spotify: Discover Weekly reaches 40 million users, all seeking their own personalised playlists
– 9 June 1998, the Ronettes vs Phil Spector in a Royalties Battle
– Retail satisfies consumers with increasing orientation towards customer experience

May 2016

– The sound identity of the Audi White Noise concept
– Bernie Sanders goes to battle to the sound of “Revolution” by Diplo
– The memorable jazz jingle of the Tabù candy advert
How far do you have to go to promote a new album?! Radiohead and Beyoncé included
Piano City Milano is coming, let the piano play!
When social media power beats money, the Lady Gaga case
J.Lo is ready to liberate women with “Ain’t Your Mama”
Sean Baker reinterprets the fashion film for Kenzo
12 May 1965, a riff that arrived like a bolt from the blue
Taylor Swift continues her global conquest and this time it’s Apple Music
The Marble Machine is taking over the world to the sound of marbles
When a song is perfect for a spot
Tell me what music you listen to, I’ll tell you who you are and what you buy

April 2016

OVS launches new Arts of Italy project to promote Italian art and Sound Identity provides its voice
– DELQA, an interactive sound experience for full immersion in the music of Matthew Dear
Stefano Fontana chats with Candy about the “flavour of sound”
21 April 1990, Paul McCartney sets a new record
Interior architecture students capture the sound of the Estonian forests
On April 16 let’s celebrate Record Store Day with 300 special releases and much more
A simple melody and the kitten from the Barilla spot: a soundtrack we’ll never forget
B&B Italia is turning 50 but it’s still looking to the future with exhibition “B&B Italia / The Perfect Density
Sound Identity interviews Andro to catch up with all the news from behind the scenes on the Waveforms project
7 April 2008, Bob Dylan was the first rock star to win a Pulitzer
The visual component reclaims its status and Sound Identity responds with a brand new video service
Sound Identity’s adventure with the famous Excelsior Milano continues

March 2016

31 March 1967, the beginning of Hendrix’s guitar carnage
A dive toward that first kiss in the Lacoste campaign
The return of vinyl and the ever-entertaining dynamics of the music industry
Milan comes alive with the first Urban Laser Show and the beats of Fatboy Slim
17 March 1978, “American Hot Wax” première, one of the greatest Rock’n’Roll films ever made
Sound Identity with GQ Italy to give the new magazine its own sound identity
The first Vocal Social Network App is here: share your sound with ToTape
– 10 March 1956, RCA bets everything it has on a young Elvis Presley with a resounding advert
A small object with one big goal: to make the world play
Milan: music finds space in the city
The golden age of denim and an ironic Mr. Boombastic in the Levi’s spot

February 2016

How daring brands use social media: sexting and Botticellian springs
The online museum of sounds from our past
The captivating adventures of Megan Gale in Omnitel/Vodafone spots
Armani experiments with the magic combo: music, fashion and technology
Coca-Cola launches its first global campaign with the tagline “Taste the Feeling”…and Sound Identity was there
18 February 1968, David Gilmour joins Pink Floyd
Calvin Klein and the involvement of music stars
Which celebrity sells the most? Discover the ranking of most ‘marketable’ artists
11 February 1963, the 585 most productive minutes in the history of music with Please, Please me by the Beatles
How a sound logo can make you fall in love with a brand
– Public transport in Vienna is attentive to passenger ears too
– 4 february 1976, from the Ramones album cover to their merchandising
The Vamp brings back the sound of our beloved old speakers

January 2016

– Light Metal Music: music on the visible spectrum
– The influence of the White Duke on advertising
Following its online success, See You Again also takes home an award from the Critics’ Choice Awards
– First TV demonstration
Thursday 28 January: Sound Identity meets the sound designers of tomorrow
The get-well song from The Big Bang Theory
When words, images and sounds beat together: Sephora ‘Where Beauty Beats’
The humming of Beetham Tower reminds us that even buildings can have a sound identity
See sound disappear and reappear with Vanishing Cover
Think different – start with an advert
The 56th Venice Biennale and the Rapture sound installation
Two notes that went down in history
The incredibly successful combination of Duran Duran and TV adverts

Dicember 2015

Happy 2016
Happy Holidays
The fascinating world of sound design for video games
Musical marketing from Converse
The Coca-Cola Christmas Track: countdown to the magic of Christmas
Star Wars Day!
Music in Store
Advert ’90: Ferrarelle and Babybird
The 56th Venice Biennale and the sound of memory at Armenity
Hip Hop Aluminium

November 2015

Welcome to the Sound Identity Blog
The Foley Artist – How to sound design your life
Art-house adverts