Advert ’90: Ferrarelle and Babybird

Baby bird, a band that was a flash in the pan but with a very important fan: Johnny Depp

How many times have you found yourself down the pub reminiscing about the sounds of your childhood with your mates? Well, we want to use this #TBT column to ‘travel back in time’ and reveal the stories behind the pieces of music or songs that were used on some of the iconic adverts of our youth. The ones we all still remember to this day. After all, it is very often the sound that defines the success of an ad campaign.

It was 1998 and for their ‘Still, Sparkling…or Ferrarelle’ advert, the brand choose a song by a young indie band for the soundtrack: that song was ‘You’re Gorgeous’ by Babybird. The track did well in the European charts and the Nottingham band happily accepted invitations to appear on TV and contribute to summer compilations, including Festivalbar (sigh). But in that age-old cliché, the band were soon yesterday’s news.

The advert ran for a good few years, but Stephen Jones (frontman) and co. seem to have disappeared off the face of the planet. The real story is that the group actually continued to produce quite prolifically; they released a whole 8 studio albums between 1995 and 2000 and another three up to 2011.

But Babybird would never achieve the same levels of success they had enjoyed with ‘You’re Gorgeous’, despite laying claim to a very important fan: Johnny Depp, cinema’s most famous pirate, not only likes their music but directed one of their videos for the song ‘Unloveable’ and even sang on a track on their last album, ‘Jesus Stag Night Club’. Babybird have since broken up and Stephen Jones is now a TV writer.
They may well always be known as the ones off the Ferrarelle advert, but we’ve selected some of their best tracks below.

SOURCE: Rockol – Wikipedia Babybird